Okay I promised on my first post (and I've nothing to do right now and I'm bored as fuck watching some T.V. documentary shit about people escaping colditz but I changed it to sky living and now I'm watching pretty woman OTL. TMI much >3<;;)

This review will be very uhm... Unbiased and more detailed? Yeah. That.

Review が始まるよ!! 

Contact Lens Details
Manufacturer: EOS
Diameter: 14.8mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6
Replacement Period: A year
Place of Origin: Korea

Comfort: Hmm... I expected a lot from EOS because according to many bloggers, EOS is the most comfortable lens brand there is. I don't know. It felt normal in my eyes. I know that they're there... Well IMO, my eyes are very sensitive and gets dry really easily.

Also, I think my right eye has a problem with it. Whenever I put it on (fresh from the multi purpose solution) it feels like it's scratching my eyes =n=;;... Then I remove it, re-rinse it in the solution and put it back on and it feels okay. I was like whut the fuqqq... I tried it again but I put my lenses the other way, my right lens with my left and my left lens with my right and it feels uhm... Okay.

Colour: Gosh darn I love this grey. It's so natural looking and so pretty >3<b  Because I've small irises, I get this halo effect which makes it lighter and super doll-like.

Design: Hmm. It's like uhm streaks of grey gradiations and a small brown sunburst with a darker grey limbal ring. This mimics a natural grey iris or something but it kinda does that idk lol. The sunburst helps it blend with my pitch black eyes lol (But not fully OTL..). IMO it would look good on people with lighter brown eyes because the burst would totally blend in with it.

Enlargement: Hmm. It's 14.5mm and I thought it won't enlarge like my old 15mm GEO hanabi blue ones but I suppose this is like the average enlargement for me (wwwww). Tbh, I like my lenses big because I like the halo effect (especially on the nudy ones that I'm planning to get if I win the Uniqso competition... will 14.2mm lenses give me the halo effect I desire so much?? =w=!! I really want it ouob!) However, I don't like it sometimes... It looks tacky on lenses that mimics natural eye colours. Oh well~



Edited/FLASH: DAMN I love how my lenses look here ~~

Sunlight/Against the window: They look okay I guess...~ But that fish-eye effect though  OTL...

live-action! natural light~ look at how natural they look 

Last words: These lenses are perf and I totally recommend them! If you want natural daily lenses, these are for you. Idk if I should recommend this to people who likes vibrant lenses...These aren't that bright imo but people will notice. This looks better on people with tans or dark skin. Seriously though. Black people with light eyes are so hot wwww ...~

Extra Extra Extra: THEY GIVE ME THAT WEIRD COOKIE MONSTER EFFECT OMG IT LOOKS SO WEIRD OTL... I always check myself out if I have it but this only happens when it totally aligns to your iris~ Other than that, It's okay OTL

Okay ima shaddap now 

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