DISCLAMER: (I think I need to start writing things like this haha) These lenses are sponsored by ISZOCIRCLELENS. However, this review is still based on my experience. 

These lenses are FRIGGIN EXTREME!! I LOVE IT!

Before I start the circle lens review, I wanna review their packaging. LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT LOOKS

The lenses and the cute froggy case were put into those potpourri -looking sachet bag things 

The package is really secure too ! The lenses are lovingly wrapped in many layers of bubble wrap and the envelope thing for the package is lined with bubble wrap .

And here's some more random pics of the packaging and the cute frog case (which was dirty . but I cleaned it with saline solution )


And here are the lenses. Luckily, they're safe /

Base Curve:8.6
Lens Type:1 year

Hmm...  I'm pretty sure Vassen also made the BAMBI QUEEN Series and I think this is it... But bigger or something.

Comfort: GASH DARN . For 16mm lenses, these are pretty comfortable / Which is pretty awesome considering that I have sensitive eyes. I read on some article/review before that there are many variables when it comes to comfort. Like the sensitivity of your eyes and the solution you're using .

Color: Hmm. It's gray with a bright yellow ring of awesome in the middle. In some different lightings or when taken with flash, it seems to have blue undertones. 

Design: These are based on the official Angelcolor Bambi series that Tsubasa Masuwaka designed. I didn't say it's based on the Princess MiMi version because the yellow burst in the middle is bigger and the spiky limbal ring is reaches it. (I really don't know how to explain it but if you check out Noxin's Angelcolor Bambi reviw, You'd know what I mean .) 

These are far from natural! Because they're so vivid and... uh, VIVID!!! /
I was worried that I might get the fish-eye effect but thankfully, I didn't. However, I got the cookie monster effect instead / I always get this with lenses that don't really blend into my eyes ...

Also, since the burst in the middle is small, it sometimes blurs my vision . Only a tiny bit tho ...

Enlargement: 16mm. These are 16mm. This is actually the first time I wore lenses bigger than 15mm and these pretty much enlarge okay . I don't know. I think it's my eyes. I have weird eyes that look small without lenses then looks extremely big whenever I wear lenses . I think it would enlarge better with a thicker limbal ring .


Lenses in action.

Okay I suppose they enlarge a tiny bit more than 15mm lenses 

These lenses have more depth in them, in comparison to my EOS puffies.

I love these lenses . I have lusted for these lenses ever since I found out that the Princess MiMi Sesame Gray lacked in colour and the Angelcolor Bambi lacked in enlargement . These are lenses are pretty much the "improved" version of what Geo made . Love love love love these lenses .

Camwhore time 


I thank ISZOCIRCLELENS once again for sponsoring me  
Well... This was my second sponsored review~ I'm proud of myself haha ~
Ayumu out ~

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