Blogger is like... what a proper blogger platform is. "Blogging" is where you write about your day and how life is and etcetera etcetera. This is a "random post" okay! So you really don't have to read this.

So far, I felt normal, dumb and numb. I don't know. Everyone is SO boring. I've lost interest in everything and it really annoys me. I really want to get good grades and good marks... but I'm always tired and I have this headache and this uncomfortable feeling. Must be my cravings to tumblr all night. 

You know that song, "Everybody Changes" by Keane?
I feel like that. 
I hate that song though. 
It's musically annoying, even though the lyrics are really nice and meaningful.

Moreover, I found some awesome new bands! Okay, where I live, people like dubstep and all that "mainstream" shit and I always get picked on for listening to alternative music. It's kinda annoying. Then they call me a "hipster" and what-not. I just prefer alternative music because it's what I like. Plus, mainstream music is great for the first 10 plays in the radio. You know... to each to their own? Yes, that. Well those bands are "The Naked and Famous", "Pierce the Veil" and "MGMT". To be honest, I've heard of those names but I never had the chance to listen to them. They're REALLY good.  Also, "Tanlines" and "Haim". They're cool too.

I want to read books too and watch new anime. I've downloaded the entire 3 seasons of Adventure Time because there was so much hype about that cartoon. I actually love it! LSP is totally my spirit animal. She's so apathetic and bitchy! She's just so hilarious. Also, Marceline! I looooove Marceline! She's so cool and awesome. I love the "Fry song" that she sang on like the first episode of season 2. It's goes:
Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
I bought them, so they were mine.
Well.... That's what I remember. The other verses are "Daddy, do you even love me?" or something similar.
That is why I can't watch new animes. AT is so addictive and cute and awesome!
Also, I'm loving "The Walking Dead" right now. It's so mysterious and interesting. Zombies and drama! Oh, what a great mix! 

It's really weird because the zombies in TWD is different to the zombies in HOTD. In Highschool of the Dead, zombies can only hear, but in the TWD, they all have their senses intact and working! Similar to the zombies described in The Zombie Guidebook. I could go on forever with this zombie shit, to be honest!

Oh, did you know that I like someone? Nah, not really. 

I don't know. 


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