Now that I have longer hair and I look more cuter, I think i'll re-review some lenses to keep this blog up and stuff. 

This pair was kindly sponsored by UNIQSO! They're a really nice shop who usually have DISCOUNTS ALL THE TIME! They have monthly giveaways too! Plus, they sell lenses which are like $9.80 a pair OAO;; it's totally a bargain!

UNIQSO sells cosmetics and many other things too! They sell eyelid tapes and eyelid glue which totally helps you get bigger eyes! 

Quick Specs:
Geo Xtra Nudy Red (WCH-628)
Manufacturer: Geo 
Water Content : 38% 
Diameter : 15mm

Well, it's Geo and at first, I had a bad experience with Geo... Oh well. Comfort varies on other people but these are preeety comfy on my eyes.

Color and design: 
I've been told that they're really bright. With a tinge of orange. I was kinda scared at first! The red is really nice though, it's really cute. Like evil cute. If you know what I mean. Also, the nudy pattern helps too! It gives it this anime gradient style feel to it. Thank glob for the halo effect ouo~ These are far from natural too! Since it's red and large. However, if you wear it with a matching outfit or something, it would look good. Or make-up, to even it out. 

They're 15mm and these sizes are usually the norm for me. They enlarge just right for me. Not too small and not too dolly-alien large either!

Great cosplay lenses in my opinion! Although they're not suitable for everyday wear, they're pretty neutral in my opinion. They're not too bright and not too dull. It's juuuuust right~

Pics and gifs~

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