Hey everyone! These lenses are not sponsored because I won them like last year ago in a photoshoot contest held by UNIQSO! Oh, go on it! Like seriously! Before, you get to win circle lenses, but now you could win vouchers up to $80!

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Quick Specs:
Geo Nudy Golden Blue(CH-932)
Manufacturer: Geo 
Water Content : 38% 
Diameter : 14mm

I don't know.... Sometimes these lenses are super comfy then the next time I wear it, it feels super uncomfortable! Even when I soak it again, it still kinda hurts so I have to wear it in like 2 day intervals ;_;. 

Color and design: 
These are uber pretty! At times, they can look blue or teal, and sometimes, they can look grey! It all depends on the lighting. The design consists of the trademark snake-y nudy design but this has golden specks in it which makes it unique.

I love super big 16mm circle lenses but with me having short hair right now, these get full marks. Super dolly enlargement DOES NOT work with short hair. Especially if you're a guy ;_;. 14mm is pretty natural in my opinion, and it looks even bigger than that at times when the halo effect appears. 

I have dreamt of wearing these lenses since forever, staying up all night, reading the reviews for it TwT;;
These don't disappoint, although the comfort is pretty average, the colour and the design is makes up for it!
Also, I hope that they have this in 15mm, because I miss my red ones dearly T_T. 

Pics and gifs! 

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