Yup! Another review this month from SOLUTION-LENS! They're based in Thailand, so ขอบคุณครับ!

Shop Analysis
Solution-lens HAS LOADS OF VARIETY. Oh my gosh. They also have some exclusive GEO and Dueba lenses that some other shops don't have and that's pretty cool. However, they only sell 14.0-15mm diameter lenses, which is good for those who like lenses with a natural enlarging effect. 

If you're worried about money, look at this:
Seeeee! The prices are awesome! Especially for those who like to buy in bulk. 

Okay! Moving onto the review!
Quick Specs:
Vassen Lily 3tones Green
Manufacturer: Vassen
Water Content : 55% 
Diameter : 15mm
OH MY GAWSH. Incredible. Oh my godsdiufjdfvbsdf!!!!!! These lenses are super comfortable! Seriously! I think its the water content but anyway, they're super comfortable! These are wayyyy comfier than my geo golden blues.

Color and design: 
Okay, it has this sparse jagged line thing design and it helps the color to blend in with your eye color. It's really cute and delicate. The color isn't that vivid though, they don't really appear much in very low lighting. The green does show a tiny bit though, well, only if you get the halo effect like I do. 

These are 15mm and they do show.... Well, a tiny bit. They only enlarge like 14.2/5 lenses because the design doesn't take up the whole lens. Also, I think it's because of the jagged limbal ring. However, its pretty natural and like I said before, since I have short hair, natural enlargements are kinda my thing right now. 

Overall:  x1000000
I LOVE THESE LENSES SO MUCH. It's super natural and perfect! They kinda lack in color like the NEO glamour ones, but these are just as good! The NEO glamour ones aren't comfortable, according to many reviews I've read, probably because of it's really low water content.... Nevertheless, these are super comfortable, as they are super thin, super natural and super cute! 

Pics and gifs! 


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