To be honest with you guys, I'm poor. Like FRUGAL POOR, you know. If you've got parents like mine, you'd be wearing the same hand-me-downs  for the next 5 years. However, that's just an exaggeration because I've been wearing the same thing for 3 years T_T.

You know what they say, right? Dreaming is free.

I've been doing a loooooot of that because I'm only 15 and trying my hardest to save money through having sponsors and selling stuff!

Let's start with clothing:

As you can see, I'M OBSESSED WITH BOY LONDON. I just love the plain black and white-ness of it. When it comes to fashion, I'm plain when it comes to colours. By the way, let's say that each shirt is £40. So £40 x 4 = £120

Yes, I'm also obsessed with JS x Adidas! I love these wings seriously. I want them so bad T_T;; My plan was to save up to buy some fake ones but I failed miserably....

And to finish it off, 

Yes, yes, yes, I'm colour-minimalistic (is there even such thing?) when it comes to fashion! 

Now, let's accessorize!  
Okay, I DO NOT CARE if it's for girls, I just want it *^*! It's super cute and I need it >__<! Also, I really want an MCM backpack because of EXO and most K-POP idols in general. THEY ALL HAVE IT. AND I'M VERY JEALOUS. 

Yes, I'm a huge A$AP fan. I'm too kawaii for people to notice though! Hahaha~

Okay, I really want piercings.... Don't judge me for it though! I just find them super cool! I want to have my ears pierced like Seungri from bigbang, but one on my left ear is enough okay~

I aim to look like the male version of ichigoflavor tbh:

Ugh T__T! She's incredibly gorgeous and kawaii! AND EDGY AT THE SAME TIME. 

Of course, I would want to wear wigs as well!

I also want a violet one like Stockings from Panty and Stockings!

This is all to it for now. And I think the overall total of these items are £200-300+!
Oh well T_T;;. I guess I'll have to get a job and save up some more!

Stay tuned because I'll be updating my wishlist tag and post what I've already bought/got given~


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