Hi everyone! Two weeks ago I received a pair of lenses from kpop2.com! These are Cacao Ring Brown 13.4mm made by LensMe. Woah! They're really vivid for brown lenses, aren't they? Also, they're really cheap too. They're like $10.99!  I mean that's pretty good, considering the fact that they also do free international shipping! However, the mininum order is $16 but with over 100 lenses for $10.99, you can't help but splurge and buy loads~

Look at the packaging! It's pretty secure. Plus they wrote a cute little memo~ Awh!

KPOP2's customer service is nice too. They're really friendly and they reply really quick.

Review time~

Quick Specs:
Cacao Ring Brown
Manufacturer: LensMe
Origin: Korea
Water Content : 38% 
Diameter : 14mm (as said from the bottle, but the design's diameter is 13.4mm)

At first, they started to irritate my eyes. Also, these lens feels like they're really thick! They felt okay when I used eyedrops on them.

Colour and Design: 
They remind me of Geo Sakura Brown but with a dark brown limbal ring and and more brown with a tinge of yellow. I guess that's like a "cacao" colour?  Hmm... I think they kinda look cat-like or tigerish I guess! Or wolfish (GEURAE WOLF NEAGA WOLF AWUUUUUU AHAHAAH). I like it though~  Also, the colour is really bright! It kinda reminds me of a sunflower.... Hmmm... I don't know! All I can say, is that this will suit guys more! Or if you're a girl, you're gonna have to cancel this down with make up, otherwise you'd scare people!

Despite it being 13.4mm, it's pretty enlarging! Well, I guess it's more of a natural enlargement because of the dark brown limbal ring. It enlarges like 14mm lenses (kinda like Geo Nudy Golden Blue). It kinda suits me a lot right now because I've got short hair.

These are my first brown lenses and they're perfect for everyday wear. Even more perfect for guys who don't want insane dolly eyes because these are pretty small when it comes to enlargement!

Sigh, I finally did a review after a looooong time! I suppose its because I've got loads of free time right now and I JUST have to find a way to get busy!

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