Finally! All of the things I've ordered in ebay arrived! Oh so happy! 

I love the LINE CAMERA app so much ahahaha~ OH! Yes, the nose up thing arrived today too and I've been wearing it up until it hurts and then I'll wait for like a few minutes and wear it again. The OOTD theme thing here is "white"! I seriously love this long clothing hoodie~ It's really cute and baggy. The RRP is £45 and I won this at an ebay bid for like £5+ shipping! IKR, I SAVED LIKE £40! THAT'S LIKE... IDK 4 KFC CHICKEN BUCKETS? lololol. Plus, I got super lucky! It might have been said that it's used in the ebay description but IT STILL HAS THAT NEW CLOTHES SMELL. You know what I mean! It's seriously in near "un-worn" condition.

This time, I'm wearing all black~ The boy london shirt is kinda faded which is really REALLY disappointing... T_T;; 

See~ lookie here:

The model's crucifix is far more vibrant and well inked than mine T__T;; I really don't like flash photography, however, that's like the only condition where the emblem goes really white T_T;; I kinda regret it because I spent like £13 on this and I hate spending over £5-£10 on shirts .___.;; Anywho, it still looks good imo! It has this grungy feel to it. 

My hat sucked though >_<;; I just realised that it's A REALLY CRAP FAKE. I seriously don't mind fake things, but the snapback is just beyond crap .___. Although, I did have some camwhoring sessions with it, it had a good run.I've actually contacted the seller for a refund, and I'm still eligible so, ugh yah, I hope I get the full refund. 

The lenses I'm wearing are these~:

Now, I need to get the green one and grey ones because I love the design so muchhh! 

I think I'll do a full review soon! I'm too busy doing nothing. Yes yes yes. 


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